Why we write

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.
Cyril Connolly
(1903 – 1974)

I wrote They Met at Shiloh (how often do I say soon to be published?) soon to be published by Create Space (I tell myself that it is worth it for these very reasons) because I wanted the challenge and I had a story in my head. I wrote it because the battle was a fascination and that the characters needed to be known, first by me, and then by anyone willing to read it. Then it was done and now has been the journey to get it into print with editors and cover designers and the minutia of other decisions such as price, Library of Congress Catalogue numbers, ISBN numbers, price, copyrights, etc.

Then it was done. I started to write the sequel, River of Blood (not so soon to be published given all this has to be done all over again) and I’ve been frustrated at how hard it has been to keep the story going. This quote has helped me find my ground once again as to why I wrote Shiloh and to why I am bothering to write River. It is for me, not for fame or fortune (if so, I should have written a how to book) but for a passionate pursuit of the Civil War and letting some knowledge flow out of me that others might (might) want to know, too.

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